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Shadow Lake Golf League Policy

Please be advised. Following is the league policy set by the Shadow Lake Golf Course.


Promptness for tee times is required. All players must be on the tee ready to hit at the scheduled starting time. All players must be off the tee when the next league is scheduled to start.

Slow play will not be allowed. Speed of Play is top priority. We will refund the remainder of the league fees for the season if pace of play is not maintained on a weekly basis. A proper pace of play is 2 hours and 10 minutes for the front 9 and 2 hours 5 minutes for the back 9.

In the event of rain, the league representative is responsible for calling the Pro Shop one hour before your league is scheduled to start. The Pro Shop will determine if play will go on as scheduled or be canceled. If the course is open, leagues will be expected to play. If play has to be canceled, the league will be issued individual rain checks. End of season league make-ups must be scheduled with the Director of Golf at least two weeks prior to desired date.

Proper golf course etiquette is required. All league players must:

* repair all ball marks

* rake sand traps

* replace all divots

* drive carts in designated areas only

All players must have non-metal spikes or sneakers. Any player wearing metal spikes will not be allowed to play (NO Exceptions).

No Alcoholic beverages may be brought on to the Shadow Lake premises. all alcoholic beverages must be purchased through The Restaurant, Snack Bar or Beverage Cart. Any disregard of this policy will result in suspension and removal of the individual(s) from the premises with forfeiture of fees for the remainder of the 2007 golf season.

The League is responsible for any damage to the property and/or golf carts.

Speed of play, proper etiquette and conduct of league players is required at Shadow Lake Golf Club. Failure to adhere to the league and course policies will subject the individual or league to suspension or forfeiture of fees for the remainder of the 2007 golf season.

Adhering to these policies will be important in awarding a contract for the following golf season.


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