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The Perfect League Rules 2005

A. If a player hits a ball out-of-bounds, he/she will have two options:

  • Hit a provisional ball. This ball will be hit from the same position as the first one, and a one stroke penalty will be added.
  • Drop his/her ball in bounds within two (2) club lengths, at a point no closer to the green, where the first ball went out-of-bounds, and a one stroke penalty will be added. There is no limit on how far back the ball is placed.
B. Lost balls will be a one stroke penalty. A player may replace his/her ball at the approximate location where he/she lost the ball. A ball lost in the woods may be replaced in the rough as near as practical to where the ball entered the woods.

C. If the players in a foursome agree that a ball was likely hit by someone else on the course, the player whose ball was "lost" may drop at the approximate location of the "lost" ball without penalty.

D. A ball hit into a water hazard must be placed behind the hazard furthest from the hole, at a point no closer to the hole. A one stroke penalty will be taken.

E. If a ball is plugged in the fairway, the ball may be moved no more than one foot (but not nearer) the hole in the fairway for the hole currently being played.

F. There will be no penalty for moving the ball away from hoses, casual water, or other obstructions stipulated by the course or the USGA rules. But, in any case, a ball may not be moved closer to the hole.


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