The Perfect League Format 2017

Continuing in year 2017, the league format will be in individual matches.


Matches are scored using a 11-point system.
Each hole is worth one point and the match using the net score is worth 2 points.

Difference in two individuals' handicaps will be spread along appropriate holes on the higher handicap's score card. (ex. Person A's handicap is 15. Person B's handicap is 18. The difference is 3. One stroke will be given to each of the three holes starting with the lowest course handicap on the Person B's score card. IF the handicap difference is greater than 9, then add one stroke to each of the holes starting from the lowest handicapped holes until the differences are used up.)

If the hole scores results in tie including the handicap, each player is given 1/2 points for that hole.

At the end of the round, the net score is used to determine the match points. If tied, each player is given 1 point for the match.

When a sub is present, the sub's maximum earnable points for the regular player is 5.5. This means that even if the sub kicks ass and ends up with 11 points total, only 5.5 points will be awarded to the regular player. Any remaining points will not be awarded to the opponent and will be discarded. The opponent player who is a regular member can earn points which he legimitely won. If the opponent is a regular player, the match points (2) are automatically awarded. If your opponent does not show AND does not get a sub, he forfeits his match point (2 points to you for match). The remaining points are determined by using the absent player's average score + 20% penalty to be spread among the holes for points.


Also continuing in 2017, we will use the handicap calculation method we used in 2016. Basically, we will drop the best and the worst rounds from a player's most recent 5 rounds scores. Remaining 3 rounds will be used for the handicap calculation.

We will be using ((((Adjusted Average Score minus Course Rating) times STANDARD SLOPE(113)) divided by Course Slope) times Handicap Percent) which is the closest to the "USGA" format.

The standard handicap percent is 96%.
The number that comes out before the multiplication of handicap percent is what they call "handicap differentials". What we will do is averaging the last five "handicap differentials" and multiplying by the handicap percent to obtain the handicap index.

Since we will start fresh with no handicaps for everyone, we will use 60% for calculating the handicap index for the first week, and then 70%, 80%, 90% the following weeks. Starting with the fifth week, we will use the USGA standard of 96%.

Example: For an adjusted gross nine-hole score of 45 at the Shadow Lake, the handicap differential will be is (45 - 34.25) x 113 / 111 = 10.95 = 11. If the average of the best ten nine-hole handicap differentials is 8.9, then the Handicap Index is 8.9 x 96% = 8.5.

Conforming to USGA equitable stroke control guidelines, players with a handicap of 0-4 will be allowed no more than a double bogey for handicap purposes on any hole. Players with a handicap of 5-9 will be allowed a maximum score of 7 on any hole for handicap purposes. Similarly, players with a handicap of 10-14 will be allowed a maximum of 8 on any hole, players with a handicap of 15-19 will be allowed a maximum of 9, and players with a handicap of 20 or above will be allowed a maximum of 10 on any hole for handicap purposes. This is still to be debated as to whether we will use this or just gross score.


* Dues for substitutes: $10.00
* Same handicap calculation will be used for substitutes.
* If the sub does not have any scores listed in the league, his first handicap will be (his first score - 34.25 ) * 113 /111 * 60%


* The person with the lowest # of putts will receive a ball.
* Closest to the pin on a designated hole for the week will receive a ball.